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The Home Efficiency Score is an estimate of how efficiently you heat and cool your home.

Just upload your utility bill data, thermostat settings and your home’s square footage, and we’ll estimate your Home Efficiency Score:

Our Home Efficiency Model disaggregates your utility bills into three parts: your baseload for appliances and lighting, heating and cooling. It shows your annual energy usage and costs for each and estimates your energy savings potential based on reducing your heating and cooling consumption to a standard benchmark (5.0 BTU per square foot per degree-day) as a result of making your home energy efficient.

Savings Potential
Heating $777 465 10.8 54% $416
Cooling $556 138 9.0 45% $248
Baseload $1,401 480      
Total $2,734 1,083      
Heating & Cooling $1,333 603 10.4 52% $664

* BTU per square foot (SqFt) per degree-day (DD).

The Home Energy Score and the corresponding Home Efficiency Model are developed by Retrofit America, Inc., a company that provides homeowners with energy savings and better comfort by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.